It’s kind of sad how whenever it’s around 11:11 somewhere this post spikes in notes.

Patrick Somoulay of Reflections [x]

captain-sarcasmic-asshole said: To the anon asking if you'll ever post nudes. \/ Katie is a goddess. Yes her body is rocking. She is down right breath takingly gorgeous! But her naked body is a privilege. She shows her naked body to whomever she feels worthy. (Not saying that I am because I haven't seen it and I would never ask her to show me) She is a beautiful woman who deserves respect.


I love you.

all hail the internet white knight in his natural habitat.


carnation-pinkk said: How are you? Are you as excited for hockey as I am???

I’m okay, and I’m super pumped for my favorite sport to begin…




Why can’t I have his hair? -_______-
my face.